Ninja Warrior Course Manufacturers

Ninja warrior courses are a new addition to our indoor play roster, with both soft play and aluminium frame variants for all age ranges.

An excellent way to add some friendly competition into an activity centre, Ninja Warrior courses combine the healthy physical activity of our trampoline parks with the thrill and excitement of its televised counterparts.

Ninja Warrior courses include   features similar to ones found in larger, adult obstacle courses.  These include vert-ramps,   monkey bars, swinging monkey rings, angled step blocks, climbing walls and much more.

The soft play variant of our ninja warrior is built around the same style of frame work as our adventure play, with padded steel and foam pits. The aluminium frame variants are better suited to older children, with harder activities. Both variants come with a timer component, allowing users to time their runs.

We can design a ninja warrior system to fit any space you have available. The larger the space, the larger the range of exciting and complex activities we can include.

As with all the play equipment we supply, our ninja warrior products are designed and manufactured by us, to comply with the current standards.

Check out our sample design page for more examples and prices or contact us to discuss how we can design an area to fit your exact requirements.

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